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Ollie Rawles

Stage Technician

About Ollie

Ollie Rawles is son of racing legend Bill Rawles. One may have foolishly imagined he would never stray too far from his hometown of Farnham, Surrey. But when scrappy seventeen-year old Ollie was discovered by our salesman Robert Achlimbari running his own crew and stage truck, Rob could tell there was something special about him. Ollie is now the shining star of All Access, Ltd., having toured around Europe with Lee Evans, Jessie Jay, Nicki Minaj, The Wanted, and Justin Bieber, just to name a few. 

Memorable Moment

Ollie's favorite moment on tour was when a herd of adoring fans chased his tour bus, confusing him with his signature swoosh from the Biebs himself. Ollie lives by the Six Ps; if you don't know about them, chances are he isn't too fond of you.

Fun Fact

When Ollie isn't jetting off about the world, he is managing his lovely home in Alton, or taking part in his two favorite hobbies, drumming and racing. 

Favourite Quote

After working at All Access UK, his favourite saying is, "blame me," and his best observation of the entertainment industry is "it is all smoke and mirrors and loud bangs."