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All Access Company Timeline

  • Two young bloods enter the entertainment scene.

    Clive Forrester and Erik Eastland simultaneously launch into the live entertainment ‘biz – Clive, landing a job at Showlites in London, and Erik, touring as a roadie in New York.

  • The dynamic duo meets at Showlites.

    Erik starts working for Showlites, where he meets Clive (who becomes president of Showlites in 1986). Erik was working for Showlites in Baltimore and Clive was in from London to build dimmer racks. They hit it off. The rest is history.

  • The revolution begins in Torrance, California

    With more than a decade of experience under their belts, Clive and Erik devise a concept for a new staging company with the goal of providing the best service in the business. The pair parts ways with Showlites and makes a bold move to start their own company – and All Access Staging & Productions is born.

    They assemble the original All Access team, which includes Clive and Erik, as well as Lou Dorsey, Albert Ortega, Nick Passiglia, and two current team members, Andy Perrin and Fred Holupka. In these early years, the business model consists of providing production/staging services using leased equipment. Promoting client relationships remains the heart of the All Access mission.

  • All Access develops its own brand, and Versa Stage® is born.

    The All Access team takes its business operations to the next level and begins manufacturing its own line of equipment, beginning with the Versa deck and support structure. Though they have been refined and updated through the years, the Versa deck and structure remain the foundation of the company. Today, Versa Stage® is a brand in itself encompassing numerous products, from truss solutions to stage lifts and other effects. Versa Stage® is renowned in the industry for its versatility, efficiency, and durability.

  • The team goes on tour with Ricky Martin.

    All Access pulls off a game-changing gig – the Ricky Martin tour – which raises the bar for the entire industry and launches All Access into the entertainment big leagues. Prior to Ricky Martin, All Access provides staging equipment to big names, such as the Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Paul McCartney; this is the team's first job in which they provide a complete custom set with cutting-edge automation.

  • All Access sets up shop on the East Coast.

    With business booming in the Torrance office, All Access makes a big move to open a New York office and serve the growing East Coast entertainment industry. The team recruits another former colleague from Showlites, Jennifer Davies, to run the NY office as vice president of operations.

  • All Access jumps across the pond.

    With Clive's brother Guy Forrester in charge, All Access opens its third office in London to deliver staging to the European market.

  • All Access opens offices in Australia and acquires B&R Scenery.

    All Access enters the Australian entertainment scene with two offices in Brisbane and Sydney, making it a bona fide worldwide operation. All Access Australia is led by Ross Butler and Jeff Lamour.

    The same year, All Access acquires B&R Scenery and recruits owner Brian Sullivan to the All Access team, bringing a wealth of knowledge about hydraulics.

  • All Access goes to the Super Bowl.

    All Access is honored to be responsible for the stage of the most-watched musical performance: the Super Bowl halftime show. The Super Bowl XLV halftime show, which featured the Black Eyed Peas and Usher, breaks the record at the time for most-watched televised musical performance in American history with more than 108 million viewers.

  • All Access celebrates a quarter century in the ‘biz.

    The year 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of All Access. The company has come a long way since 1991; it has upgraded from a 20,000 to 120,000 square foot building, zero to 15 trucks, and eight employees to hundreds worldwide. All Access has become one of the world’s leading full-service staging and production companies, making a lasting mark on the entertainment industry.

    Clive and Erik remain a dynamic and effective team; the executive dream team also i­ncludes Bob Hughes, Dave Agar, Robert Achlimbari, and Andy Perrin.