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by  | Mar 25, 2020 | PRESS

While many businesses have been mandated to temporarily close their doors, All Access Staging & Productions is working diligently to provide temporary structures at the city, state, and federal level, to aid the medical community’s efforts in combating COVID-19. We believe our 30 years of experience in creating rapid deployment structures for television, concert touring, festivals, and sporting events can be refocused on creating support for the community wherever it is needed.

We have the design capabilities and equipment necessary to take the needs of our local communities and supply them with the temporary facilities for medical care, testing stations, disability access ramps and lifts, temporary access barriers, and any associated medical temporary infrastructure.

// Relief Structures

All Access can rapidly deploy a number of relief structures within 72 hrs (est., once on-site) to support medical staff and the community. These include modular hospital facilities, emergency response structures, temporary living spaces, and other emergency logistics structures. All relief structures we supply have medical grade flooring, are building code compliant, engineered to spec, and meet the highest safety certifications.

With the current health crisis, help needs to come from every corner. To eliminate the strain on medical staff, hospitals and government agencies are standing up triage and testing center tents to assess symptoms and test for the COVID-19. Our Versa Tuff Structure (VTS) is a multi-functional, durable tent that can be configured in several different sizes and stand up to rain and inclement weather. The VTS can serve as an easy-to-set-up testing tent for those most at risk.

Our headquarters in Los Angeles and New York are hotspots at the moment and allow us to rapidly deploy equipment to these areas and beyond.

// Transportation

We’ve always been proud of our trucking fleet, which safely delivers equipment to each tour and live event location. With a team of dedicated drivers and high-quality trucks, we’re putting our fleet to good use. Because getting items to those who need them most is critical right now.

// Fabrication Services

All Access’ in house fabrication team is trained to work in complicated environments and with challenging projects. One of the secret weapons in our arsenal is our CNC capability. These routers allow for precise cutting for wood, plexiglass, steel, and aluminum. For other industries during this time, precision can save lives.

// Personnel

The team at All Access is highly trained and able to adapt to new environments. They are used to the rigors of the entertainment industry so they are able to deploy quickly and implement equipment with safety and efficiency in mind. Our designers, engineers, electricians, manufacturers, project managers, and installers have the ability to solve logistical challenges that can be applied to any industry.

// Support Equipment

Ribbon Lifts were initially created for the military, so they are built to stand the test of time. While we typically use them during live events to carry props or people soaring above the audience, they can also be used to hoist lights or cameras when needed. As items like lighting towers are short in supply, the Ribbon Lift could easily take over.

All Access ballasts can serve as an anchor to temporary structures, like tents. When used either on-site at your location or with our temporary towers and structures, these ballasts are a secure way to keep items in place.

Our suite of barricades can help businesses and medical locations navigate crowd dispersal and help enforce social distancing. Barricades can also help to show temporary closures of certain areas or sections.

Every temporary relief structure we create can be ADA compliant, complete with ADA ramps and ADA Lifts. For permanent structures without this compliance, we can add these as well to ensure equal access for everyone.

Many facilities in use now may not have an area for trucks to drop off supplies. Our team can create truck docks for transportations services for facilities that may need it. ADA Cable Ramps can also be included for any site that has power distribution needs.

At All Access, we’ve always been about innovation. With the coronavirus outbreak impacting the world, innovation and revolutionary thinking are more important than ever.

All Access. All the Time.

With the world changing, we are redefining what it means to be All Access, All the Time. We’re all in this together. While we are pursuing all available avenues to help support the efforts to address this deadly virus, we cannot do this alone. We would be honored to have our expertise be put to use helping our community persevere this devastating pandemic.

We are very fortunate in our industry to be surrounded by companies and personnel that are burgeoning with creativity, ingenuity, and determination; it comes with the territory of the traveling show business.

 We will do everything in our power to connect our talented and diverse industry colleagues with the contacts we establish for emergency needs so that they too can help get the world back to normal as soon as possible. Now is a time to focus on the community, the cure, and innovative action. Our team has always stood by our world-class equipment. Now, we’d like to put it into action on the frontlines of COVID-19. Let’s all be part of the solution.






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