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How To Sound Like You Work in the Industry

Posted by jaforres from United States in on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:57

Because it's Friday, today's news is a party trick: how to look like you work in the entertainment industry without really trying.

When you work with staging, you have a tendency to watch television shows and concerts and only notice the set and stage equipment. I've definitely been called out by friends while watching TV because all I could remark was, "Do you think that was 12" or 20.5" truss that they showed in that last shot for a fraction of a second?"

Well, you don't need to get that technical to sound like you work in the industry. Next time you're gathered with friends watching The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, or America's Got Talent, comment on the creative audience riser configuration or the craftsmanship of the scenic pieces. Alternatively, "nice Versa Stage!" ought to do the trick. Voila, instant industry fiend.