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Winning Trailer Stage at USA Cycling National Championships

Posted by jaforres from United States in on Thu, 09/20/2012 - 16:08

A rural racetrack with rough terrain in the historic Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon is the last place you'd expect to find a world-class, mechanically articulating stage. However, on September 15th, the All Access trailer stage provided the perfect platform for the USA Cycling National Championships.

It can be difficult to determine the ideal way to fashion a stage or a winners' podium for a sporting event, especially when it takes place in a rural location. The logistics associated with transporting staging, the potential need for heavy equipment, and the cost of setup labor can seem like an unnecessary headache when production's main focus is executing a flawless race. In addition, setting a professional tone for a national sporting event is of the upmost importance. That's when a trailer stage can come in handy.

At first glance, this high-tech trailer stage might seem like a odd fixture in the midst of the tree-dotted Oregon landscape. With closer examination, it is easy to understand why a trailer stage can actually be the perfect choice for such a locale. The USA Cycling National Championships used the All Access trailer stage as the location of their MC and winners' podium, providing a sleek, elevated platform to showcase race winners (and our fearless leader, Erik Eastland, apparently... check out the slideshow!)

The benefits of using the All Access trailer stage for an event like this are numerous. The trailer stage is implicitly mobile and was designed to comply with highway regulations and handle rough roads or terrain. Moreover, its compact, pre-assembled and portable disposition means that no tools or unnecessary truck space are needed to erect a stage in a jiffy. Unlike a standard stage that requires building a metal frame and leveling the support points by hand, the All Access trailer stage unfolds and is supported with the use of hydraulics, which allows for quick leveling on sloped or uneven surfaces. To add to the speed and ease of use, the trailer stage comes pre-equipped with an attractive stage floor and sturdy roof. In locations with variable weather, a roof is a veritable asset.

Added conveniences of the All Access trailer stage include the ability to affix custom signage, the inclusion of attractive, safety handrail, and the addition of a lighting grid.

Currently, this All Access trailer stage operates along the West Coast but can be transported anywhere in the contiguous US.

PS: Click here for stats about All Access's Pro Men's racer, Brennan Wodtli, who can often be found cruising through beautiful Bend, Oregon, when he isn't professionally racing.