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Hard Metal at the BBC Proms

Posted by jaforres from United Kingdom in on Fri, 10/05/2012 - 13:19

Even though the BBC Proms in the Park feature classical music, there was no shortage of hard metal at the concert. As a sell-out crowd packed Hyde Park, aluminium Versa Cable Ramps were used to protect the cable that provided the main power feed to the concert stage. All Access Staging's aluminium Cable Ramps have been a big hit with power supply companies due to their ease of use and sleek aesthetics.  Locking together speedily with coffin locks, Versa Cable Ramps securely fasten to one another to produce a rigid, safe environment for cables. The company hiring the ramps was delighted with the positive response they received onsite regarding the Versa product.

So why are these ramps so popular? Whether your concert stage is located indoors or outdoors, Versa Cable Ramps were built to protect delicate cables from damage. When used to house sound and light cables running stage right or left, these ramps can withstand the weight of dollies full of chairs and even the heft of forklift trucks. Their aluminium construction allows for easy handling and ensures durability during daily use on tour.

To get your hands on some aluminium Cable Ramps, call Matt at All Access Staging on 01483 765 305