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Touring Checklist

Posted by emrathe from Worldwide in Products on Tue, 12/20/2016 - 17:05

Step up your touring game

You have an upcoming tour with superstar performers and a stunning set design. What's the next step? Call your friends at All Access.

We have an experienced set construction design team that will help you turn your design scope into a living, breathing show. Our team has decades of live entertainment experience; combined with our world-class touring equipment, we deliver a full-service, turnkey staging experience.

When we developed our proprietary Versa Stage® system in 1991, we revolutionized the live entertainment game. We now produce an entire Versa Stage® line, featuring products designed for maximum “tour-ability.”

Durability, efficiency, and rapid deployment

Touring sets often travel all over the world and must withstand innumerable shows. Therefore, we make durability, efficiency, and rapid deployment the most important considerations.

We use simple and efficient design, the best construction methods, and the strongest materials. We put meticulous thought into every detail, including weight and packaging. Our touring equipment is designed to make optimum use of truck space. The best part is that our touring gear is available virtually all over the world -- your Los Angeles staging rental is available in New York, London, and anywhere else your tour goes.

Your touring lineup

Versa rolling stage

When developing your touring package, you can start with the Versa rolling stage system. It’s the most durable, efficient, and reliable performance stage in the world. Combined with handrail, stairs, and barricade, the fully modular Versa rolling stage is ready for any arena tour.

Complete your set design with special effects and other staging accessories. All Access offers a plethora of tour-ready products to make your set one of a kind.

Stage Lifts

All Access stage lifts are famous for being ultra durable and reliable. We took the tried-and-true ribbon lift design to the next level when we developed the Versa X-Lift. It’s secure and wobble-free for ultimate safety.

The Versa star lift is the most dramatic effect for artist reveals. It can be preset for different stage heights and features adjustable speed control.

Our Versa scissor lifts fit seamlessly into practically any stage. They can be operated with our manual control system and upgraded with our smart control system.

Curtain & drape effects

All Access kabuki sniffers and solenoids provide jaw-dropping drapery effects for any show. The Versa kabuki curtain sniffer works in tandem with V3 solenoids and drapes for the most trusted drape extraction system.

Our V3 solenoids are the most reliable in the industry. They will drop every time. They also contain a proven locking system to ensure that the drape doesn’t drop until you’re ready.

Misc. touring accessories

All Access has other high-quality staging items available for rent. Made of aluminum, the Versa cable ramp is the epitome of strength and durability. The ramps coffin lock together end-to-end and use their own cart for easy transport.

We offer two solutions to your crowd control needs. The Versacade I barricade system is constructed out of heavy-duty steel, while Versacade II is made of aluminum.

Custom Fabrication

Our rental staging items are fantastic, but what if you want a complete custom set? Our professional set construction design team can fabricate practically any project imaginable at our on-site facilities. If you want the look of a custom set without the construction costs, we also recommend the 80/20 Solution, where your project is made up of mostly rental gear with a few custom touches to make it one-of-a-kind. Our team has the experience and expertise to integrate your video and LED lighting into your set, whether you need LED-integrated decks or a complete custom video and LED package.

International support

You have every detail of your tour planned out, right? What about on-site support? Because All Access has locations worldwide, we have you covered. This also means the same equipment -- let’s say a rolling stage, star lift, and a whole kabuki sniffer system -- is available wherever your tour travels, ensuring a seamless transition from venue to venue.

Contact us today.