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Behind the Build: Romeo Santos Golden Tour

Posted by emrathe from Worldwide in on Mon, 05/21/2018 - 16:50

Sometimes when we work on certain projects, we are lucky enough to be part of a team that just clicks. That was the case with the Romeo Santos 2018 Golden Tour. It was a pleasure to work with every party involved, and it truly showed with the huge success of the show.

This project was particularly noteworthy because we developed a new structural system for the build. The stage system required a new design of the support structure to facilitate the loads and dynamics of the special effects (i.e. six large moving lighting grid walls, all on show control). Interestingly enough, the new design may become a new standard.

Main Stage

The large main stage broke into six pieces. Each piece was designed to be built independently around the venue space and then quickly and efficiently rolled together. This was important because we could build the stage while simultaneously constructing the huge lighting system. Then we quickly rolled everything together in time for sound check.


We supplied the FOH B-stage, which was part of the fly gag, as well as the lift from the flying apparatus.

Lighting Grid Walls

The six 16’x10’ moving lighting grid walls included dots to make them visually interesting. The walls were slim and tall, so we used mobilators that captured the stage deck so they wouldn’t tip over.

Magic Stairs

We provided magic stairs situated down stage center. The original plan was to use them one time during the show, but they ended up being used 10 times because the client liked them so much.

Mic Stands

We also provided custom gold LED-lit microphone stands, which we worked on with Glow Motion Technologies.

Central Lighting Rings

We manufactured the central lighting rings that created a chandelier effect. The rings turned out to be the perfect finishing touch to complete the look.

We had a fantastic experience working with the following folks. Many thanks to:

  • Bruce Rodgers at Tribe, Inc.
  • Chris Balogh, production manager
  • Glow Motion Technologies
  • Brad Hafer at Four Wall
  • Bill Spoon at VER

Photos: Twinspire Photography