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Behind the Build: The Titan Games

Posted by emrathe from United States in Events on Wed, 02/06/2019 - 21:47

The Titan Games is an athletic competition series hosted and created by Dwayne Johnson, in which everyday people compete in the Titan arena, built by All Access. All Access provided nearly everything (excluding the scenery and the game challenges):

  • Mount Olympus w/ inclines and slides: 42’h
  • Audience seating platforms and ADA
  • Audience towers and structure for lighting, video, audio, pyro: 40’h
  • LED screen towers/goalposts
  • Spotlight & LED towers: 40’h
  • Dactyl wire cam towers: 100’h
  • Concrete anchors and stabilizing guys
  • Safety harnesses and fall protection devices for the crew 

The show’s designers started with a larger-than-life concept: transform the Irwindale Speedway parking lot into a massive arena for audience and gameplay. The pre-production planning phase began the beginning of July 2018, followed by load-in. The installation for our structure happened over a two-week period in early August and was dressed by scenic over the coming weeks. The first season was shot during the second half of September.

Because of the venue, we had to build everything from the ground up without the assist from an overhead rigging company. 

At the beginning of the installation, we were hit with a heat wave in Southern California, which pushed the location’s temperature to 113 degrees for days on end – not ideal working conditions. We also had to revise the artists’ concept to accommodate safety features and anchors for the structures to withstand 70 MPH winds.

Halfway through the installation, production asked All Access to also provide the finished surface and contour of the slides, and we were tasked to create an economical solution with our standard decking and Plexiglas railing to solve the problem.

We worked closely with production and our friends at LADPW on the Universal Studios lot to help us coordinate with the City of Irwindale.

Special thanks goes to Anton Goss (production designer for The Voice, TKO, Little Big Shots, Mental Samurai, and countless others),  Sean O’Callaghan (art director),  Tom Peachee (staging supervisor), Richard Stevens (union lead), Brandon Burris & Andy Perrin (AA project managers), and our entire team of logistics, construction, transportation, drafting, fabrication, sales, and purchasing personnel at our LA shop.