Explore the New All Access Features

by | Dec 4, 2019 | BLOG

If you haven’t seen the news (and, if not, how did you miss it?), we just announced an exciting rebrand. The All Access features and new website are more dynamic, modern, and usable to reflect our products, services, and energy we put into every live event. 

The most notable changes? How we showcase our markets and equipment, our logo, and the overall site navigation. Read on to find out the details and explore the site like a pro. 


Our Markets

From our old site, you might not have known that we serve five key markets. Now, these are prominent on our home page, as well as within their corresponding pages. These markets include concert touring, festival staging, special events, sports & activations, and television. 

The key changes to our markets start with the easy-to-use, visual navigation bar at the top of our site. From there, you can click into each of the five and see what sets them apart. For example, say you’re looking to stage your upcoming concert tour. Now, all the capabilities you would need for such an event––rolling stages, band risers, and stage thrusts––are front and center. And now it’s easy to browse featured gigs to get ideas and inspiration.

Plus, at the bottom of each market page, we feature key equipment that can help your event run as smoothly as possible.



Speaking of equipment, it is now easier than ever to see everything All Access offers with our categories, filter, and search function. 

The two main categories of equipment––automation & effects and stage systems––and their subcategories help you filter your results so you can find exactly what you need. Plus, the search box is right at the top, so if you have an idea of what you need, you can get there faster. And, as always, equipment pages include product specs and photo galleries––with the added ability to select different product variations––so that you understand exactly what you’re getting.



Our new logo is perhaps the most notable design change that we’ve made and one of our favorite All Access features. We’ve kept our iconic red, but have given it cleaner, more modern lines. The curved, sporty edges represent innovation, and the bold foundation shows our durability. 

Like our products, the logo is functional, durable, and attractive. 


Careers page 

If you’ve been wanting to join the All Access team, there’s no better time. We’ve made our job postings searchable based on location on our Careers page. We’ve also included a readily available description and job functions with a “Read More” button that allows you to peruse full details of the job and apply within minutes. 


Getting in touch 

When you’re planning an event, time is of the essence. We’ve made it easier to get in touch with our team with streamlined contact forms so you can get the ball rolling on projects. In 2020, we will roll out even more functionality features to enhance the client experience. 


Overall Navigation 

If you’ve used the old website, you might have noticed how smooth the new site’s overall navigation is. From the homepage, it’s easier to get to our markets, equipment, about, news, careers, and contact. From each page, you can easily sign up for our newsletter, access our social channels, or find contact information for each of our three locations.

As a busy event professional, it could not be easier for you to get your next live event rolling. 


What’s Next 

All of these changes are just the beginning for our All Access features. In 2020 we begin phase two of our rebrand that will enhance the user experience even further. 


All Access Glow Up 

When compared to our old website, our new features are truly a glow up and a reflection of what we have always strived to do: equip and stage dynamic, fast-paced events and set the industry standard.