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EXTudio is the backyard office studio that gives you space to breathe, think, and create.

Studios starting at $27,000 fully equipped

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Midcentury Modern

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Pacific Lodge

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cape cod backyard office

Cape Cod

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All modular shed units’ exterior dimensions are 8’8” deep but the width can grow in 24” or 48” increments.  


  • 8’8″x8’8″
  • 8’8″x10’8″
  • 8’8″x12’8″
  • 8’8″x 14’8″
  • and so on.

The EXTudio difference

All Access created EXTudio because we saw a solution to a challenge many people face: the lack of affordable, private space. With our access to high-quality materials and a team of skilled engineers and builders, we decided to do something about it. Our prefab sheds have a number of differences from competitors in the market: 

Rapid deployment

Our team has decades of experience putting together quality projects very quickly (see: Super Bowl Halftime show). Just like our larger projects, we can install a backyard office studio quickly and efficiently. 

Little to no mess

Skip the construction crew, keep the convenience. The beauty of modular construction is that there aren’t many parts and it’s relatively simple to set up. Fewer materials equal less mess. 



Sure, they’re an investment upfront. But backyard office studios are cheaper than adding on to your home, have lower labor and material costs, and can add overall value to your home.

Attractive design

EXTudio’s four standard styles easily complement your current home design. If these options aren’t what you’re looking for, work with our team for full interior and exterior customization.


EXTudio includes wall panels that come together quickly and are customizable so you can easily configure them to the size you need. Plus, you can upgrade it easily to something else, like a backyard bar.

Benefits of a backyard office studio

Imagine having office space to spread out in, take private Zoom meetings, and think critically about the work in front of you (instead of your chores list). 

Besides offering much-needed square footage to your workspace, a backyard office studio is multi-purpose, cost-effective, private, and allows for more complete focus and higher productivity.

Included features

All EXTudio backyard office studios come with the following: 


Commercial grade carpet

Insulation panels, which create an industrial interior look and soundproofing

Heating and air conditioning

Basic lighting

Electrical hookups

Custom Ad-ons

backyard office studio rendering
In addition to the included features, our team is happy to work with you to create custom add ons. These include things like hardwood flooring or extra lighting. Our All Access team brings their expertise to all of our projects, which includes specializing in custom features for EXTudio sheds.

Other EXTudio applications

While a backyard office studio might be an attractive prospect for many, we realize not everyone will need the EXTudio for this use. With its versatile design and materials, you can use the EXTudio for a number of different applications. 

Homeschooling space

Here’s a shocking statistic: about 93% of households with school-age children are participating in distance learning right now. If you’re one of those households, you know all too well how crowded and chaotic it can get. EXTudio can easily be used as a homeschooling or distance learning space. A space where your kids can spread out their books, organize files, and attend Zoom lectures with quiet and focus. 


Man cave or she shed

Prefab sheds have been popular in the last few years by the moniker of she sheds.” EXTudio can be easily converted into a man cave or she shed––a space that can offer much-needed space to think, meditate, read, or drink. 

Studio space

A backyard studio is also a great studio space for both professionals and amateurs. Maybe you’re an artist in need of better lighting for your paintings. Or maybe you’re a hairstylist hoping to open up shop in a more controlled environment. Studio space can be a mental-health haven or business-saver.

Space to breathe with EXTudio

If there’s one thing we all need this year, it’s to be kind to ourselves and do things that make life easier. Whether you need extra space to work, learn, or unwind, a backyard office studio from EXTudio could be the answer you’re looking for. Contact our team today to get started on your project!