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Kids Choice Sports Awards 2016

All Access had a slimy good time providing the staging for the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids Sports Awards. We provided the orange carpet area, main stage, center stage, and B-stage.

The orange carpet featured a 24,000-square-foot shade-cover truss structure with concrete ballast, as well as 6-foot by 8-foot media platforms along the first 80 feet of carpet. We also provided the stage for the basketball challenge, featuring radius thrust/steps and an 8-foot turntable.

The main stage featured stealthy wire handrail, pedal cart racer ramps, slime distribution nozzles and evacuation decks, and an elevated platform with a 20-inch truss structure and LED components. The center stage featured additional slime and evacuation decks for presenters and talent. The B-stage featured a performance stage with stealthy wire handrail, pedal cart racer ramps, and a pair of 12-foot by 64-foot incline ramps for competition climbing and human "Zorb" bowling utilizing 11.5-foot diameter clear vinyl inflatable spheres to house talent/stunt people (by others).

All Access also provided a truss structure for the cables to the TV trucks, as well as a 95-foot span of 15-foot-high Versa HD roof truss (to keep a clear fire land next to the pavilion, to keep a clear path on the UCLA campus, and to elevate the 480-volt power out of harms way).

  • Slime gags provided by Jem F/X
  • Scenic elements provided by Global Scenic and Scenic Express

Photo credit: Bob Hughes




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