Introducing VersaPlex Drive-In Events

Think back to when drive-in movies were all the rage. Maybe you experienced this yourself, or maybe you’ve only seen them in the movies you watch from the comfort of your own home. With advances in in-home streaming and theater experiences, these iconic features of America slowly faded out of relevancy. Until now. With COVID-19 changing the world as we knew it, pop up drive-in experiences like movies and concerts are making a comeback. And our VersaPlex Drive-In Events are helping it happen.

How it got started

As COVID-19 has canceled almost every major event of 2020, we know that times are difficult for everyone. And we also know that people are looking forward to human company and interaction again. The All Access team created VersaPlex Drive-In Events to bring people together safely and within new regulations. To make this happen, we’ve brought together individuals from all facets of our industry and beyond from music to amusement parks. 

Our 30-year history in the events industry and hundreds of pieces of world-class equipment helped us brainstorm a way for people to experience in-person events again. So, we created a mobile and adaptable drive-in screen system combined with our event management expertise. Similar to the drive-in movies way back when, but with modern technology and accommodations.

// Gameday/race tailgating

For sports and race fans of every kind, these events offer a way to experience these events as a community again from the safety of patrons’ vehicles.

// Live concerts (day or night)

Going forward, concerts will look a little different (read: no mosh pits). But that doesn’t mean that fans will not be able to experience their favorite artists live on stage.

// Church services and Speaking Events

As with concerts, our VersaPlex system can provide stage, screens, and event logistics for any church service or speaking event. Communities of any faith, as well as corporate speakings or comedy events can still function. Check out the screen support structures we provided for Harvest Christian Fellowship.

// E-game competitions 

These competitions could potentially take place in isolated booths rather than vehicles. Keeping participants socially distanced and equally involved in the tournament. Spectators could watch from vehicles.

// Drive-in movies

Last but not least, tried and true drive-in movie events could feature movies both old and new that participants can enjoy from the comfort and safety of their vehicles.


VersaPlex can host not only tailgates for combat sports, but also the live match themselves. We can provide all the structural support and management necessary to host these live, in-person events from the safety of your car.

VersaPlex full capabilities

VersaPlex Drive-In Events include much more than an expert screen installation. We work with industry experts to provide full-service events that cover everything from the stage and screen to ticketing and day-of coordination. Our full turnkey services will allow you to pull off events that might otherwise get sidelined by the global pandemic. Our team will also supply weekly operations and management of the event systems.

VersaPlex was created with the potential to support long-lasting and recurring events––whether those are daily, weekly, or monthly. Because of this, our capabilities support those with all-day events, festivals, and more.

Let’s move forward, together

These events will be a learning experience for everyone going forward, but after 30 plus years of delivering high-end live events, we are ready to adapt with you. And we understand it will involve much more than simply putting up a screen. Our team will work hand in hand with you through the details such as custom sizing, finishes, and logistics.

We’re finding innovative ways to support in-person gatherings. It’s time to move forward, together.

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