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Clive Forrester

CEO | Chief Operating Officer

About Clive

Clive Forrester is a veteran of the touring business and has the scars and medals to prove it. He has worked with countless bands, including Genesis and the Rolling Stones. On most days, Clive runs the place.


England (born in Istanbul, Turkey)


Clive got his start as a young whelp in Britain with Showlites, Ltd., in 1975. He experienced his first brush with big time rock-and-roll as the lighting crew chief on the Andy Fairweather Low (ex Amen Corner) tour. That gig led to a stint touring Europe, which allowed him to spend three years living in France while working with Showlites Associate, SLP. Clive came to America in 1980 to work for The Who Tour and found himself touring with them. Settling down in LA, he provided lighting for the American Music Awards, the Academy Awards, and a series of different TV events. Clive was the president of Showlites from 1986 until he founded All Access in 1991 with Erik Eastland.

Favorite Gig

Jacques Higelin

Fondest Memory

US Festival (more than a million watts of light and no sleep!)

Fun Fact

When Clive’s not at work or accidentally turning off the power to a town in France, he enjoys watching the LA Galaxy play a game or two.