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Erik Eastland

President | Versa Stage Creative Sales Executive

About Erik

Erik Eastland, co-founder of All Access Staging & Productions, has helped All Access skyrocket as an industry leader. Evidence of his deft work has been showcased through countless live entertainment acts, including Madonna, Dave Matthews Band, Ricky Martin, and many more.


Erik’s love affair with live entertainment began in 1975 in Pokipsy, NY, where he first worked as a roadie for Rise. While the band did not pay him much, he was hooked on the excitement and possibility of the music industry. Erik has proven himself to be a creative visionary, from his days drawing sets on cocktail napkins to joining forces with Clive Forrester to start All Access in 1991.  

Favorite part of the job

Erik’s biggest thrill is breaking ground in new markets. He has recently turned his sights to the action sports division, which caters to the needs of the increasingly popular extreme sports industry.

Fun Fact

Erik calls beautiful Bend, OR, home. You will regularly find him shredding single track down Tiddlywinks and Funner on his 29er.