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Jeff Lamour


About Jeff

Jeff Lamour has been with All Access Australian office since 2010. He was born in New Zealand but hopped over to Australia when he was twenty years old, which, according to Mr. Lamour, "effectively raised the average IQ of both countries." After three years of engineering at college in NZ, Jeff got his start in the industry when he moved to London with SGB (Harsco Infrastructure) in the early 70s. His time at SGB taught him the ins and outs of scaffolding, and in fact, Jeff is a ticketed scaffolder.

Favorite Gig

His first gig in entertainment was with Black Sabbath somewhere around Germany or Holland, but his favorite show was a country gig in Lake Tahoe where he met a guy that had three Siberian tigers and a black panther living in his house with him and his girlfriend. It is hard to forget a party where wildcats have free reign of the house! When you have spent your life touring the globe, sometimes the parties do blend together.

Fun Fact

When he is not attempting to be a comedian, Jeff can be found watching the mighty All Blacks, fishing, reading, drinking primo tequila, Scotch whiskey, and dark rum, motor racing, and obsessing over Winston Churchill.

Favorite Quote

"If you're going to skate on thin ice, you might as well tap dance."