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Staging Equipment

Versa Stage by All Access Staging and ProductionsAll Access has locations in the Los Angeles, New York, London, and Brisbane areas, and availability of products in all locations is not guaranteed. Please contact us about product availability in your region.

Stage Systems

stage panel

Staging & Accessories

The Versa deck is the basis of the All Access Versa Stage® System. We offer a variety of staging accessories all designed and constructed for safety, durability and reliability.

Barricade Systems

All Access offers two solutions to your crowd control needs. Versacade barricade is constructed out of heavy duty steel and Versacade II is constructed out of lightweight aluminum.

Truss Solutions

Our truss solutions are the perfect example of our obsession with designing product that is strong and durable but can also pack up and transport easily.

Rental Set Pieces

All Access has a huge selection of rental set pieces that add an exciting and engaging focal point for your audience. Our rental pieces are ultra durable, safe, and road-ready.

Versa Mobile Stages

The All Access Versa mobile stages are the most durable and advanced light-duty trailer stage on the market. Combined with an LED lighting package, you have a turnkey performance stage system.

The Boneyard: Staging & Set Pieces

Welcome to the Boneyard. The Boneyard is a special place where we keep custom, one-off equipment items that we think are so cool they need to be used again.

Automation and Effects


All Access produces the finest turntables in the entertainment industry. If you want your show or product to be seen from every angle, we have a turntable for you.

Stage Lifts

All Access has a large selection of stage lifts. They are essential for creating exciting effects and dramatic reveals by lifting artists, band gear, and props.

Curtain & Drape Effects

Our curtain and drape effects provide the perfect amount of magic for an artist entrance or a product reveal.

Stage Conveyors & Mobilators

All Access mobilator stage tractors move components, such as video walls, band setups, and vehicles, across any stage and can be combined with slave decks to create a larger moving platform.

Custom Mechanical Effects

The All Access design team has a variety of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical components at its disposal to create mind-blowing mechanical effects.