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Versacade II (Aluminum)

Versacade II for sale

Versacade II has been discontinued and the current used inventory is available for purchase.

Please contact our Los Angeles office for more information.


Versacade II has lightweight aluminum construction, allowing for ease of assembly and reducing the weight on trucks. The chamfered diamond base plate prevents tripping and provides protection from pinching extremities.

We expanded the back security steps to meet European safety regulations, making this unit ideal for international tour acts, and extruded top and sides provide an all-over smooth, polished finish. Versacade II units travel in 4'-by-4' rolling aluminum carts with eight pieces per cart, making this crash barricade the easiest, most featherweight solution to any production’s crowd control dilemma.

We also offer the barricade terrain adapter, which allows for approx. 4” of vertical misalignment of barricade per unit (see photo in photo gallery).